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The first time I realized I had the design bug was when I was 7, when my crafty Grandma Dot taught me how to sew. I was hooked on the concept of picking my own elements and putting them together however I wanted--what an amazing discovery! As I got older, I took an interest in decorating and photography, too. My hands always had to be building or creating something. But as soon as I had my first art class in high school, I realized that I would love to create for a living but didn't know of a path to a "real job" in the field. At the time, the field of graphic design was not on the radar of the career center in my high school. 

Having always been interested in the human mind and how it works, I ended up majoring in Psychology in college and going on to get my Master's with the plan to complete my PhD and build a career in academic research. Along my journey, however, I worked at JD Power & Associates as a project manager for the marketing research department and discovered that I enjoyed working with our graphic designer more than I liked writing the dry reports. That was my first exposure to the field of design and I was intrigued. I took an intro to typography night class at the local university and realized what I was meant to do. For the next two years, I continued to work in marketing research during the day and completed my certification in graphic design at night.
I am now a graphic designer who has designed for everyone from individuals to huge corporations over the years. In order to accommodate the hours of being a new mom, I struck out on my own as a freelancer in early 2008 (and named my business after my Grandma, of course!) and created Dot Design, LLC.

Inspiration comes from architecture and fabrics to fine art and furniture. I tend to gravitate towards clean lines and graphic patterns and love using COLOR. Due to my background in project management, I offer a unique combination of pragmatic organization and creativity you won't find in many designers.
I do contract design for many different types of clients and projects. Most often, my clients look to me for art direction, design and layout for identity, branding (social media) and publications (magazines, websites, newsletters & corporate communications). 
• Dermalogica • Disney Store  • William Rast • Levi Strauss & Co. 

Carrie Switzer
Principal/Designer, Dot Design, LLC
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